Proudly Pinoy on Broadway: Anna Maria Perez De Tagle "Godspell"

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detagle-thumbnailThe musical artistry of Filipinos has been celebrated the world over, but nowhere has it been done more stupendously than along the blazing footlights that illuminate the stages on Broadway.

While there were those who led the way, it was Tony-award winner Lea Salonga and the Filipino cast of Miss Saigon who first brought an intense global spotlight on the amazing talent of Filipinos… today, Filipinos and Filipino-Americans continue to tread the boards: Ali Ewoldt, Adam Jacobs, Catherine Ricafort, TV Carpio, among many others on and off-stage who make us all proud to be Filipinos.

On this illustrious list of incredible talents is the star of the Broadway revival of a Stephen Schwartz beloved classic “Godspell”: Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.

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