Overseas Voting Registration

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Overseas Voters Registration 
All qualified Filipino citizens, at least 18 years of age on 13 May 2019 (Philippine National Elections), and are not registered overseas voters, may file their applications for registration at the nearest Philippine Embassy/Consulate General or other registration centers authorized by the Commission on Elections.
Applicants are advised to personally appear at the Philippine Embassy/Consulate General during office hours for biometrics capturing. 
Applicants are also required to bring proof of Philippine Citizenship such as any of the following, together with a photocopy:  
(1) Philippine Passport (photocopy data page only); 
(2) If a DUAL CITIZEN, the Oath of Allegiance, or proof of Philippine Citizenship from the Bureau of Immigration;
(3) US Permanent Resident Card;
(4) US Work Permit;
(5) US Visa;
(6) For SEAFARERS - seaman's book (photocopy data page only)